Sunday, June 20, 2010

Waves...? help.?

k, i'm half black, half white, so my hair's naturally curly, but its soft curls, (not tight ones usually associated with african americans), i get my hair relaxed, and at the moment, its cut a lil under my shoulder, and flat ironed straight, and when i say that i mean its the equivalent of straight hair on majority white people, because without the flat iron, and with only a blow dry, still a poof ball o.O


i wanted to know how to get cute sort of a messy waves ( not crimp, or small waves) and also, any cute hair styles info, would be a great help.

p.s., i like to keep my hair side parted with the hair hanging to the right side of my face.

Waves...? help.?

when your hair is wet put some finger waves in with some gel and when its dry you can comb them out for some pretty waves

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