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What can African American Girls with damaged,dry hair.?

i cut my hair and now i want it african american my hair is thick,coarse and rebellious.what products should i use.

tresemme,garnier,pantene,loreal paris,suave,please help me.

i want my hair to be healthly,smooth,shiny,and long.

What can African American Girls with damaged,dry hair.?

I'm also African-American with a head of healthy hair. What you need to do will help improve the health of your hair. At all costs, avoid the so called "pink" oil moisturizers and hair grease. They contain mineral oil, petroleum, parafin, and lanolin. Those are bad for your hair. What they do is they suffocate the hair and clog the pores of the scalp, causing the hair to not grow. Using natural oils, i.e. coconut, olive, jojoba, grapeseed, and mixing them with essential oils would be your better choice. Good shampoos without the harmful drying sulfates (SLS, ALS) I would recommend are Creme of Nature, or Elasta QP shampoos. You can use clarifying shampoos to remove the buildup from hair and scalp. Only use them once a month. Deep condition with a mixture of cholesterol, honey, natural oils weekly. And moisturize your hair daily with a glycerine/water based moisturizer and seal your hair and ends with your natural oils.

Avoid using heat, i.e. curling irons, blowdryers, flat irons. They can damage your hair like the plague. If you're using heated appliances, make sure to use a good heat protectant to prevent heat damage. Eating a healthy diet (including plenty of protein), taking vitamins, drinking lots of water, exercise, and patience will get your hair growing healthy and long. 2 more things you need to do: As your hair grows, try wearing your hair in a protective style. That means wearing a weave, braids, buns, etc. This is to avoid your hair to rub on your clothing. Cotton is an example. And at night, try sleeping on a satin pillowcase or covering your hair with a satin or silk scarf. Like I mentioned with cotton, they can rob the moisture out of your hair.

If you would like, you can check out a couple of hairboards to help get you started on your journey to long, healthy hair. I belong to one of the boards. Here's the link below. Good luck to you on your journey.

What can African American Girls with damaged,dry hair.?

i think you should first use nexxus you could get it at walmart or walgreens or prob k-mart! and then condition a lot! and use pink (a grease). but if you really want it pretty looking then just call hair salons and ask them if they can fix your hair the way you want it!-good luck!*** your hair will be fine! don't sweat it!

What can African American Girls with damaged,dry hair.?

well im no expert, but relax it, the best perm is african pride, n use everything dats in the box, an then grese it every 2 days

What can African American Girls with damaged,dry hair.?

Take b vitamins.

Use pantene pro-v shampoo and conditioner for "women of color''.

Use a leave in conditioner. I use light pink moisturizer.

You can also get a weave, so you can have long hair without the wait. I hear they are pretty pain full, so I would get clip in hair extensions.

I've also been seeing Mane'n'Tail shampoo and conditioner. [It was originally formulated for horses], but now they sell it in people hair product aisles. It's supposed to make your hair shiny, I'm not sure if it really works or anything like that.

Good luck!!

What can African American Girls with damaged,dry hair.?

I have the same problem. I recently got my hair cut. I now condition it EVERY week and try to keep heat and off of it. I also get it trimmed every 6 wks when I get a perm (QP). I use a product called Botanicals and/or Cream of Nature. They both work well on my hair. And when I have my hair braided I use sulfer 8 hair spray. Its growing back fast and heathy now.

What can African American Girls with damaged,dry hair.?

ok, i am the same way. I use the sunsilk tlc shampoo that helps repair damage. and then i switch off the next time i wash my hair and I use herbal essences "pin straight" shampoo and conditioner. and when i dooo wash my hair, i always make sure to use twice as much conditioner as shampoo. i also use hairsprays that help moisturize my hair. i dont really know what to use to make your hair grow, but i get my hair braided with extentions during the summer when i swim, and that helps with the breakage that comes from chlorine water.

What can African American Girls with damaged,dry hair.?

DO NOT use any of the products aimed for Caucasians, most of them have wax in them that clogs our pores and DOES the exact opposite of what you want. I say go to your local beauty supply shop and pick something (restructuring and protective shampoo) out from there. The process is just as important than the product. Before you wash your hair, about 1 a week should suffice, brush it with a coarse bristled brush to open the pores, always deep condition (mayonnaise)every time,and keep those ends trimmed. I suggest wrapping your hair and using a silk or satin scarf to tie up your hair at night. I personally avoid ponytails, and braids. I also suggest you invest in satin pillow cases, for when the scarf wont stay. If you cannot afford regular visits to a stylist, do like me and make really good friends with one. They give you tips and let you use their products!!! Hope this helps you get started a growing!! Also, if you relax your own hair, ONLY use that neutralizing shampoo when you are washing out the relaxer, not in between treatments.

What can African American Girls with damaged,dry hair.?

I have really thick dry coarse hair too and I regularly visit these websites cos they're so great's a very active site on african american hair with a lot of achieved healthy hair lengths)

Based on my personal experience, nexxus doesn't make the hair any less thicker, If you don't want your hair weighed down don't use any pink at all cos they contain mineral oils which also hold dirt too when built up, I still have my bottles waiting to be used.

I recently cut my hair because of damaged ends and right now it grows at a really fast rate. I make sure I take a lot of water and massage my scalp. To make my hair less thick and sleek looking, I do a saran wrap, just type in "saran wrap treatment" on youtube. Have you tried Kera care? It is really great and widely used on african american hair and you can find it at a walmart salon. Salon products are also better than drugstore hair products since they contain a greater quantity of the vitamins and all...Make sure you also use the right temp of water when washing your hair and try and extend your perms to at least two weeks

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