Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thick natural african american hair?

I have natural hair and I normally wear it in one big puff,pressed,or flat twist and i need to find something else to do wit it.Or send tutorials thx,much luv Jadie


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Thick natural african american hair?

Have you ever thought of putting your hair in braids? That might give you a look that you'll like, with or without extensions, depending on your preference. There are so many different styles.

Also, depending on where you live (or how close you are to a metropolitan area) you may want to check out a hair dresser that works with natural African American hair. That way, he/she can try out different styles on you.

All the best.

Thick natural african american hair?

Check out thousands of hairstyles using for links to websites offering different hairstyles, tips and free makeovers, you will be able to find something suitable. You can also upload a photo and try different hairstyles

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